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As a restaurant, it is important to be supporting your community through actions, not just by meeting their culinary desires. How can you support your community as a restaurant?

Purchase food from locals

With the recent push to buy local foods, there is no better time to start! Restaurant owners may be hesitant about how they can incorporate these products into their menu items. Local farmers offer everyday products such as walnuts, lemons, and honey. There is a multitude of local farms throughout the U.S. that focus on ancient grains, milled-flour, and whole-grain blends. These are all food items that most any restaurant can put to use. By purchasing these everyday staples from your neighbors, you are not only showing your support, you are also investing right back into your community.

Host a Charity Event

There is almost always a local sports team or club looking to run a fundraiser, and a restaurant is a perfect place for that. Perhaps the local high school softball team is interested in putting on a pancake breakfast. Allow them to run their fundraiser using your restaurant before hours. Not only are you putting care into your community, you are driving traffic to your restaurant.

Highlight and Support Local Arts

Restaurants should always be reaching out to local artists and musicians about displaying their artwork or hosting live music events. This is a win-win situation for the artists and the restaurant. You can have the artwork hanging on the walls for sale. When it comes to local musicians, feel out their music and decide if they would be best for a Friday night party atmosphere or perhaps a Sunday afternoon brunch. Either way, you will be bringing in more customers and the band will be receiving attention as well.

Hire from within the Community

Summer is almost here and with that comes more business! Your restaurant will be busier, and help is needed! Offer high-school kids or college students who are home for the summer jobs first. Keep the jobs in your community as much as possible.

Restaurants, like any business, have a responsibility to their community. Luckily, there are many easy ways to support your community. Starting with your product and your employees, keep it local. Always offer to host a charity event and be sure to highlight and support your local arts community. All of these, coupled with an excellent dining experience will help support your community as well as your restaurant!