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Do the cold winter days have you longing for some Caribbean-themed food? Grab a few plantains from the market and you can spice up your boring dinner recipes in no time.

Plantain Hamburger



Instead of a regular, bready hamburger bun, try a plantain bun. For this recipe, you will be blending one large plantain, 1 egg and coconut powder. In a food processor or blender, combine all the ingredients and process until it becomes a smooth batter. Load the batter into a ziplock bag. Cut off the corner. This is your pastry bag. In an oiled skillet over medium heat, pipe a circle of dough about the same size as your sliders or burgers. Cook for a couple minutes on each side or until cooked through. You can serve as a slider or regular sized burger with avocado, tomato, jalape├▒o sauerkraut, and spinach. Enjoy!

Plantain Lasagna


Plantain Lasagna is a Latin style lasagna that is a combination of sweet and savory, with spiced beef, sandwiched in layers of plantains, and topped with cheese and or eggs. To make your own, you will need 3-4 large plantains. Next, spray a baking sheet and place plantains on them in a single layer; spray lightly over the plantains using the canola oil spray and bake at 400 degrees F, turning over slices, after 8 minutes for about 12- 20 minutes. Next, add your bell pepper and tomato sauce, bring to a simmer. You will then add ground meat, beans and cook for about 7-10 minutes while stirring frequently. Season with salt, chicken bouillon or sazon. Finally add olives, green onions and parsley. This is a dish that is sure to please!

Plantain Baskets


You will need to begin with three large plantains, cooked black beans and white cheese.  Then, you will make the guasacaca, also known as avocado salsa. Chop all the ingredients and place them in a glass bowl. Dress them with oil, vinegar, salt, sugar and mustard. Place the avocado seed in the mixture so it does not turn black. This is your guasacaca. You can also fill these baskets with guacamole, cheese, grains.
Plantains are a nutrient-filled fruit that provides many vitamins and minerals, and it can be a great substitute for rice or potatoes. So next time you need a taste of the Caribbean, try plantain lasagna or even a plantain basket!