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Restaurants are hubs of entertainment, food and fun. However, a lot goes in behind the scenes to make this possible. Inevitably, mistakes occur from time to time and customers voice their complaints. What are the most common restaurant complaints?

Impolite Servers

Servers do not have an easy job. However, this is not a reason for them to ever treat customers rudely. 72% of restaurant complaints reference the poor attitude of the server. A rude or impolite server does not put your restaurant in a good light and should never be tolerated.

Wrong Orders

62% of restaurant complaints are related to wrong food orders. Whether the order was taken incorrectly or delivered incorrectly, it is a very common complaint by restaurant-goers. As a restaurant, it may seem like a good statistic to only mess up one out of every 200 orders, but to that one diner, it is everything. Customers want to feel like they are important and by receiving a plate of food they didn’t order, they feel like they were not paid enough attention to by their server. Mistakes happen, but anytime a customer receives the wrong meal, it should be rectified as quickly as possible.

Dirty Bathrooms

It is said that you can judge the cleanliness of one’s kitchen off of the cleanliness of their bathroom. This goes for restaurants as well. If a customer walks into a dirty bathroom, they can only assume the worst about the rest of the establishment.

Feeling Rushed by the Server

Diners go out to eat in order to escape the responsibilities that come with preparing, cooking and cleaning up from your own kitchen. The absolute last thing they want is to feel rushed through their meal. As a restaurant, it is critical that servers do not make rush diners through their meal. It is a treat for these people to eat out, so allow them all the time they need to thoroughly enjoy their experience.

When a restaurant understands how important certain aspects of the dining service are to their customers, they can capitalize on them. By understanding the most common complaints, restaurants can better focus their efforts on those areas.