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Your success and reputation depend on satisfying clients needs and making a positive impression. It is critical to have a well-thought-out plan to enhance your guests’ dining experience. Customers come not only for the food and the ambiance, but they also come for the complete dining experience of a fun brunch, a relaxing lunch, or a memorable dinner at your dining establishment. It is often the small things that customers notice and these things are within your control to create a favorable lasting impression. Here are four things that you can do to make sure that your guests enjoy a superlative experience in your restaurant.


Your staff is the public face of your establishment. In staff meetings, emphasize the importance of smiling and eye contact, which builds trust, good-will, and comfort. The best servers anticipate clients’ needs. Train your staff to fill water glasses, supply proper condiments, and bring plates for sharing without being asked so that guests can put themselves in the hands of a talented and sympathetic server and relax and enjoy their meal.


Let guests enjoy the pace of the dining experience. Bring appetizers out first. Inquire if salads and soups should be brought to the table before or during the meal. Time dishes so that all members of the party are served at the same time. At the end of the meal, take a moment to suggest dessert, coffee, or postprandial drinks.


Diners pick up on subtle clues when determining how clean your establishment is, and cleanliness is as important as the food to your clientele! Not only should the dining area be immaculate, but the lobby, bar area, kitchen, and restrooms also need to be held to the highest standards of order and hygiene. If your bathrooms are a mess, people will wonder about the condition of your kitchen. Rule of thumb. Keep everything in as excellent order as you would want to see it when you go out to dine.

Waiting in Style

Waiting for a seat in your restaurant is a sign of loyalty, and loyalty should be richly rewarded. Make sure that the waiting area has comfortable seating. If possible, allow guests to order drinks. Consider a complimentary water area. Play music that fits the theme and mood of your establishment.