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Although Spring is almost here, there are still many nights that call for a nice, warm bowl of Caribbean soup. Which are best? The following three are extremely popular and tasty Caribbean style soups.

Caribbean Corn Soup

There are endless variations of Caribbean Corn Soup. This particular recipe, from Yummly, has a bit of a spicy kick but it mixes well with the sweetness of the corn. Like most soups, this soup freezes very well so you might want to think about doubling or even tripling the recipe and freezing the rest for later use! You can opt to create this soup without spice if spicy is not your thing. Or you can dull down the spiciness by adding one pepper instead of the recommended two. The only thing to be careful of is not allowing the pepper or peppers to burst, otherwise, the result will be an extremely spicy soup!

Jamaican Chicken Pumpkin Soup

This Jamaican Chicken Pumpkin soup is typically enjoyed on Saturdays throughout Jamaica. The boiled pumpkin combined with tender chicken, corn, potatoes, carrots makes for delicious creation. Of course, the reboiled dumplings is warm and filling at the same time. Be prepared to spend time preparing food for this soup. One final note, be careful not to cut the scotch bonnet pepper when adding it to your soup. The heat of the seeds will make the soup inedible. For the full recipe, visit

Caribbean Beef Soup

Beef Soup is a must for many in various islands throughout the Caribbean. Although the temperatures outside are hot, Caribbeans enjoy a piping hot bowl of soup almost every Saturday. In Jamaica, Saturday Beef Soup is the meal of choice.  To view the full recipe, visit The Spruce.

Whether you’re hankering for a corn soup or a chicken soup, there are plenty of Caribbean soups to try!