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In the Caribbean, it is commonplace to eat a full breakfast, sometimes with more than one course, before starting your day. So, what exactly do native Caribbeans eat for a typical breakfast?

Mackerel Rundown

This Jamaican breakfast includes fish. That’s right, fish for breakfast. Because of its prime location right on the sea, Jamaica has access to fresh fish constantly. So why not eat it for breakfast?  In order to make Mackerel Rundown, you first need to reduce coconut milk until thickened. Once it is at the consistency of custard, you combine it with the mackerel and vegetables of your choice. Most people use onions and scotch bonnet peppers, but feel free to use whatever you want! You can find the full recipe here.


Made from cassava, bammy is often referred to as Jamaican flatbread. In this traditional recipe, grated cassava is lightly salted and shaped into discs soaked in coconut milk, and then pan-fried.  When baking Bammy at home, the flour can be store-bought or made by hand-pressing. It can then be baked on a griddle or in a baking pan on the stovetop.Some people prefer to bake it in an oven and to add butter and other spices before baking. However you choose to bake it, once it is ready, bammies are served with meat, avocado or other side dishes.

Green Banana Porridge

A Jamaican tradition, Green Banana Porridge is made with firm, unripe bananas which are not-very-sweet. However, when incorporated with milk and spices, then simmered to piping perfection, the resulting porridge is deliciously warm, creamy, flavorful, and a very satisfying morning meal. You will need to first peel your green bananas, chopping each into about three large pieces. Blend the bananas with one cup of water and one cup of milk then pour the mixture into a pot and cook on medium. Reduce the heat to low and continue stirring for about fifteen minutes until the porridge thickens. This is a great breakfast recipe because it requires very little ingredients and can be made quickly.

Whether you go with the mackerel rundown or the green banana porridge, a good Caribbean breakfast is sure to start you off on the right foot!