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As with any industry, restaurant experts need to stay informed about the latest news within their field. One of the best ways to do this is by reading. The following are three of the most highly rated books for restaurant owners and managers.

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

In this “tell it like it is” confessional, Anthony Bourdain discusses what really happens behind kitchen doors. As an experienced chef with over twenty years under his belt, his memoir shares his experiences from being a culinary school student all the way through owning a restaurant in Tokyo and everything in between. In this book, Anthony shares blunt stories that show a behind the scenes look at the struggles every restaurant owner faces.

Restaurant Owners Uncorked by William Brawley

Most restaurant books are centered around one person’s experience, but this book is different. Restaurant Owners Uncorked features multiple  interviews with experienced cooks such as Scott Leibfried of “Hell’s Kitchen,” and Phil Roberts of Buca di Beppo. In this collection, restaurant owners share how they got started in their business, what has worked and has not worked for them along with the pros and cons of working the restaurant business.  One Amazon reviewer described this book as “a bible for starting and running a successful business, restaurant or not.”

Restaurant Success by the Numbers by Roger Fields

A huge part of the restaurant business is defined by numbers. Whether those be sales graphs, product mix reports or employee hours, numbers are an integral part of a restaurant’s success.  To make better sense of all of these numbers, try reading this book. Accountant-turned-restauranter, Roger Fields, focuses on the hard decisions that surround funding, location, hiring and menu-making. He discussed the ins and outs of turning a profit and even includes sample sales forecasts and operating budgets for you to learn from.

Reading about your industry will make you a better restaurant owner or manager. Even if you don’t enjoy the book, you will take something away from it and back to your restaurant!