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Blue Parrot Grill


Blue Parrot Grill is a lakeside restaurant located in Mooresville, North Carolina that specializes in fantastic food and irresistible cocktails. Besides the beautiful view of Lake Norman, the restaurant features a tiki bar, ample outside seating, and live music each Thursday through Sunday. Alida and Peter Gjuraj have owned the restaurant since 2010. When they first opened their doors, their chief concern was having a location where their entire family could work. However, the restaurant soon attracted an increasing number of customers. Today it is one of the most popular summer dining options in the Lake Norman region.

Blue Parrot Grill credits its success to its loyal customers. Over 1,000 regulars populate the restaurant weekly, whether it be for the live music, a cold drink or a hot sandwich. Customers continue to come back because of the excellent service they receive time after time.




When you ask Alida and Peter what the best aspect of working at Blue Parrot Grill is, they answer without hesitation: the team and their customers. Alida and Peter strive to make each team member feel like a family member. By extension, every team member works hard to make every customer feel like family when they dine at the restaurant. The restaurant is open seven days a week and serves lunch and dinner. While it typically closes at 2:00 AM, there are times when the restaurant stays open as late as guests want to party.

Running a restaurant can be a challenging line of work, but Alida and Peter have never considered their jobs difficult. Peter typically works outside. He greets guests and ensures that everyone feels welcome. Alida usually does work inside like assisting servers and other related tasks. Each year Peter and Alida think about how they can improve the restaurant and the service that they offer. This work includes changing menu items and making renovations. When customers eat at Blue Parrot Grill, Peter and Alida want them to forget the outside world and truly enjoy their vacation experience.

Besides the exceptional service, the homemade food and cocktails are two other qualities that separate Blue Parrot Grill from and help the restaurant rise above competitors. The cooks take their time to get the menu items right the first time, so customers rarely send food back to the kitchen. With so many food and frozen drink options, the one downside of eating at the restaurant might be deciding on what to eat—that’s why so many customers return year after year. If you travel to the Lake Norman region between March and November, then you have to visit Blue Parrot Grill. Don’t be surprised if the water, the food, and the Caribbean ambiance transport you to a truly memorable experience.

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169 Pinnacle Lane
Mooresville, NC, NY


Monday – Sunday
11:00 am – ?
We stay open as late
as you want to party,
or 2am…
whichever comes first!